How To Maintain your Blonde at Home!

Keeping those blonde ashy tones are hard right? Do you find your hair turning yellow, brassy or maybe even dull looking? There are probably a few things that would make this happen. I will share with you guys some amazing tips to keeping your blonde the way you want it, plus tell you the best purple shampoo on the market right now. If you get your hair professionally done at a salon and you don’t do your part at home by maintaining it, then chances are your blonde wont last. Would you buy and Audi then service it at a quick oil stop? No way.


          Spending $300 to get your hair done to only have it turn yellow in 3 weeks is annoying right? Our hair naturally wants to be warm so we have to take a few things into consideration when trying to maintain the tone. Why is my ashy blonde turning yellow?  Why is my toner fading so fast? Why does my blonde look dull?

  1. Heat! Believe it or not those curling irons and flat irons you are using at 4oo degrees or higher is literally stripping the color right out of your hair. Your iron should never be that hot, infact it shouldn’t go higher than 350! We aren’t baking turkeys! Watch this video by Guy Tang to see just how you can loose that gorgeous toner or color you just spent $$ on in 5 seconds.
  2. Sun/Uv rays. If you spend a lot of time in the sun chances are your blonde will get very warm. Just like our skin you have to protect it. Use a hat if you are going to be in the sun a lot or try UV sprays on the hair.
  3. Un-filtered water. This is a new one for me as I just learned it myself. Try getting a filtered shower head at home depot to protect your hair from any harsh minerals and chemicals in our water that can strip away your beautiful color.
  4. HOT water! If you like cold showers then this is easy for you! Use cold water on your head always! I mean if you cant stand the cold, luke warm will do. But hot water opens your cuticle, releasing color from your hair.
  5. Purple shampoo! Using purple shampoo will keep your hair bright and rid those unwanted yellow tones. But be careful overusing it as your hair can collect build up and darken overtime. You will end up with a smoky, cloudy blonde. If that is something you want then go for it! But if you are just trying to maintain your blonde, using it once a week should help you! Speaking of blonde shampoos……..


If you are a frequent bored scroller on Instagram and you browse hair, chances are you are scrolling past videos using Fanola! It’s hands down in my opinion the best purple shampoo on the market. Straight from Italy, these guys know what they are doing. In fact it is so strong and pigmented, sometimes I use it to tone the hair completely.


Fanola No Yellow shampoo is ideal for those that are really blonde and you want to keep the yellow tones away. Fanola No Orange is for those that have more yellow-orange tones in the hair. It is definitely more pigmented and more concentrated than No Yellow so watch it as you use it! Both of them come in shampoo and a mask. The No Yellow Mask does have extra violet pigment in it. These are not sulfate free so if that is a concern for you just know that. But I will say out of all the anti- yellow shampoos I have tried, these are definitely less drying in the hair. I mean the masks on their own are incredibly hydrating. Plus it smells like candy!! Check out this quick video from my Instagram!


You can get Fanola from and use the discount code JANELLEDOESHAIR for 10% off your purchase!









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